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TAKOM : 2023

1:35 WWII German 12.8cm Flak 40 Zwilling - TAKOM

1:35 WWII German 12.8cm Flak 40 Zwilling - TAKOM

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The 12.8 cm FlaK 40 was a German World War II anti-aircraft gun. Although it was not produced in great numbers, it was reportedly one of the most effective heavy AA guns of its era. 12.8 cm Flakzwilling 40/2 The 12.8 cm Flak 40 ordnance on a static dual mounting with a total weight of 26 tonnes, capable of firing 20 rounds per minute. Used mainly on flak towers. Production started in 1942 with 10 tandems produced, another eight in 1943, and in February 1945 a total of 34 were available.


  • Gun can elevate, Depress and Traverse
  • Included 3 types of markings
  • Platform included
  • Photo-etched parts included
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