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TAKOM : 2015

1:35 WWI Heavy Tank MARK. IV Tadpole - TAKOM

1:35 WWI Heavy Tank MARK. IV Tadpole - TAKOM

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The Mark IV was a British tank of the First World War. Introduced in 1917, it benefited from significant developments of the Mark I tank. The main improvements were in armour, the re-siting of the fuel tank and ease of transport. A total of 1,220 Mk IV were built: 420 "Males", 595 "Females" and 205 Tank Tenders (unarmed vehicles used to carry supplies), which made it the most numerous British tank of the war. The Mark IV was first used in mid 1917 at the Battle of Messines Ridge. It remained in British service until the end of the war, and a small number served briefly with other combatants afterwards.

In an attempt to improve trench-crossing capability, the "tadpole tail", an extension to the rear track horns, was introduced. However, it proved insufficiently rigid and does not appear to have been used in combat. Other experimental versions tested radios, mortars placed between the rear horns, and recovery cranes. Some of these devices were later used on operational tanks. Mark IVs were also the first tanks fitted with "unditching beams" by field workshops. A large wooden beam, reinforced with sheet metal, was stored across the top of the tank on a set of parallel rails. If the tank became stuck, the beam was attached to the tracks (often under fire) and then the tracks would drag it beneath the vehicle, providing grip.


  • Easy assembly workable tracks
  • Main gun and suspension parts are exactly reproduced
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • All the wheels are workable
  • Two pcs metal gun barrel included
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