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TAMIYA : 30057

1:35 WWI British Tank Mk. IV Male with Single Motor - TAMIYA

1:35 WWI British Tank Mk. IV Male with Single Motor - TAMIYA

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During WWI, much of Western Europe was reduced to a massive battlefield criss-crossed by a seemingly unending network of trenches. The original British Mk. I tank was developed to break the deadlock; the Mk. IV was a later model based on many of the same design principle, and of which around 1,000 were produced starting in March 1917. A "Male" variant was developed to smash through enemy lines and in addition to machine guns it utilized large 6-pounder guns, in contrast to the separate Female variant equipped with only machine guns for armament. The Mk. IV saw a variety of action, including a mass deployment of around 400 at the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917, additionally prevailing in the world's first tank on tank battle with the German A7V in April 1918.


  • This plastic model assembly kit accurately recreates the unique form of the British Mk. IV Male tank and is motorized to allow dynamic forward motion.
  • WWI British infantry set of 5 figures Included.
  • Length: 230mm, width: 143mm.
  • Fine molding faithfully recreates the flat armored panels with numerous rivets.
  • Pre-assembled motor and gearbox unit included.
  • Durable metal sprockets transmit motor power.
  • Moving link type assembly tracks make for realism and easy assembly.
  • Comes with 3 marking options.
  • Requires one AA battery (1.5V) - not included
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