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DRAGON : 3540

1:35 US Marines BELL UH-1N GUNSHIP Helicopter - DRAGON

1:35 US Marines BELL UH-1N GUNSHIP Helicopter - DRAGON

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The “Huey” must surely be one of, if not the most, recognizable helicopters in history.  The new kit represents a UH-1N, a twin-engine version of the Huey. This kit easily builds into a UH-1N Gunship flown by the U.S. Marines. As a gunship it possesses considerable firepower - weaponry includes 2.75-inch rocket pods and GAU-17 7.62mm miniguns. This medium military helicopter has been carefully researched and cleverly engineered to produce a highly detailed scale model. Even the tiny rivets, so much a feature of the fuselage, are minutely rendered. Glazed parts are rendered in clear plastic, while high-quality Cartograf decals show off the finished gunship to perfection. The UH-1N has served in numerous conflicts such as the Gulf War and Iraq.


  • Newly tooled mini-gun with intricate detail
  • Highly detailed rocket launchers
  • Ammunition box is newly tooled
  • UH-1N fuselage rendered with fine detail
  • Clear plastic parts for windshield and doors
  • Photo-etched parts for upgrading the detail
  • Pre-painted photo-etched parts included
  • New Cartograf decal
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