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1:35 US Light Tank M5A1 Pursuit Operation with 4 Figures - TAMIYA

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The M3 Stuart was the representative U.S. light tank in the early years of WWII. An improved version, called the M5A1, was officially accepted for service in September 1942. Powered by two 110hp Cadillac V8 engines, it was capable of a maximum speed of 58km/h. Armament consisted of a 37mm main gun and three 7.92mm machine guns, and the turret was notable for having additional armor attached to protect the anti-aircraft machine gun position. 6800 examples were produced from January 1943 to June 1944 and they served mainly in reconnaissance units on the Italian and Western European fronts. Some tanks used during the fighting in Normandy were seen with hedgerow cutters attached to their hulls.


  • Depicts a tank equipped with distinctive hedgerow cutters.
  • A machine gunner and three infantry figures firing a mortar are included.
  • Two types of decals included.