1:35 US Army M727 MiM-23 Tracked Guided Missile Carrier - DRAGON

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Dragon has added the M727 Tracked Guided Missile Carrier to its range of 1:35 scale modern vehicles. This surface-to-air missile (SAM) system essentially mated an M754 guided missile launcher with an M548 tracked chassis to achieve high mobility. The MIM-23 missile is actually an acronym for Homing All-the-Way Killer. The US Army introduced the missile in 1959. The M727 gave the US Army its first mobile medium-range SAM, with up to three missiles mounted on a swiveling launcher on the rear of the vehicle. The kit launch system can traverse through 360 degree while the missiles can be elevated. Everything on the M727 is new-tooled with the exception of the tracks, road wheels and lower hull which are from previous releases.