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AFV CLUB : 35323

1:35 US Army Gun Truck KING COBRA M113 + M54 - AFV CLUB

1:35 US Army Gun Truck KING COBRA M113 + M54 - AFV CLUB

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A gun truck is an armored vehicle with one or more crew-served weapons used by units of regular armies or other official government armed forces to escort military convoys in regions subject to ambush by guerrilla forces, defend airfields, provide perimeter defense, or serve as mobile pillboxes for Home Guard-type defensive units. Gun trucks typically have Improvised vehicle armor, such as scrap metal, concrete, gravel, or sandbags, which is added to a heavy truck. Two APC gun trucks, Big Bad John and King Cobra, which coincidently displays a coral snake rather than a cobra, of the 597th Trans Company. Big Bad John discarded the shields for the two side M60s, while King Cobra retained them for its side .50-cals. The rear troop ramp was not used for entry and exit, but rather the smaller hatch set in the ramp.


  • M54 5 ton truck carry M113 hull.
  • Precisely replicates details of cabin interior.
  • Highly detailed transmission system.
  • Accurately reproduced chassis and suspension systems are based on thorough study of actual vehicle.
  • Plastic injection tires.
  • New heighten exhaust pipe.
  • New armor plate for M54 cab.
  • Side gun shield for 0.50 cal M2 MG.
  • Containing 3 units 0.50 cal M2 MG.
  • New turnbuckle assembly.
  • US Army VN War "King Cobra" specialized decal.
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