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TAMIYA : 35383

1:35 Type 16 MCV C5 with winch - TAMIYA

1:35 Type 16 MCV C5 with winch - TAMIYA

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Since the first units were acquired in 2016, the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF)'s Type 16 has seen deployment across the Japanese archipelago. This eight-wheeled vehicle is capable of an impressive 100km/h and sports a rifled 105mm gun offering superior accuracy, and is intended to serve in the JGSDF's rapid deployment units. Feedback from units operating the Type 16 has been incorporated in its continuous evolution, in the case of C5 vehicles (those purchased in the 2020 fiscal year budget) resulting in a turret-rear air conditioning unit (carried over from the C4 design). Some C5 Type 16s were even given winches to aid in recovery of knocked-out vehicles on the field.


  • Length; 248mm, width: 85mm.
  • The model faithfully captures the powerful Type 16 form with eight large tires and 105mm rifled gun, based upon extensive research.
  • It features renderings of C5 model features such as the turret-rear air conditioning unit, cleaning rod case, turret-top rails, antenna guard and more.
  • Choose whether to recreate a Type 16 with winch or one without.
  • Winch-fitted models will use the included string to depict the winch cable that stretches over the hull from the rear to the front.
  • The steerable four front wheels move in tandem.
  • Also included are commander and loader torso figures, plus a full-body crew member.
  • The kit comes with two marking options included.
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