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DRAGON : 6990

1:35 Tiger I Early Production - Wittmann's Tiger 13./Panzer Regiment 1 - July 1943 Operation "Zitadelle" - DRAGON

1:35 Tiger I Early Production - Wittmann's Tiger 13./Panzer Regiment 1 - July 1943 Operation "Zitadelle" - DRAGON

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This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, the largest armoured battle the world has ever seen. Fought by attacking German units and Russian defenders arrayed in depth, the gargantuan battle involved nearly 3,000 German tanks and more than 5,000 Russian ones. Germany kicked off Operation Zitadelle in the late summer of 1943, on 5 July. With massive losses on both sides, it was the last strategic offensive that Germany was able to launch on the Eastern Front. What is special about this phenomenal kit is that it represents the Tiger I Early variant used by the famous German tank ace Michael Wittman. At the time of the Kursk fighting, Wittmann was serving in 13./Panzer Regiment 1, and Tiger Is were among the most lethal tank of the battle. Wittmann led his platoon at Prokhorovka with this tank, and by the time the battle was over, his crew had destroyed about 30 Russian tanks and 28 anti-tank guns.#


  • Magic Tracks included
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Metal tow cables
  • Slide-molded cable heads
  • Optional bosch headlight
  • Lock for stowage bin with photo etched metal
  • Optional early air filter canister
  • Photo etched mesh for engine deck
  • Shovel cover include
  • Detachable spare tracks can be hang on turret side
  • Complete molded frontal MG with ammo bag and mounting
  • MG dust cover
  • Interior components; fuel tank, radiator, fan
  • Workable torsion bars
  • Accurate bottom hull pattern
  • Extendable jack
  • Additional on vehicle tools with brackets
  • Road wheels accurately rendered
  • Sprocket is fully detailed
  • Engine deck is fully detailed
  • Early Tiger rear panel configuration
  • Loader's periscope
  • one piece molded cupola with vision slit
  • Escape hatch can be assembled open or closed
  • One piece gun barrel with subtle detail
  • Finely detailed gun assembly is upgraded
  • Accurately detailed slide-molded muzzle break
  • Mantlet is detailed
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