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ZVEZDA : 3631

1:35 T-70B Soviet Light Tank - ZVEZDA

1:35 T-70B Soviet Light Tank - ZVEZDA

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T-70B is upgraded version of the T-70, was developed in July 1942, with deliveries starting in October of the same year, at the GAZ plant in Gorki and at plant No.38 in Kirov. The modification "B" differed from the early T-70 tanks with a new reinforced running gear, Modified exhaust outlet system, new driver's hatch. At the very end of 1942 a new welded gun Mantlet was introduced, and in spring of 1943 exhaust manifold guards and stamped driver's hatch were added. T-70B tanks were armed with a 45mm 20-K cannon and a 7.62mm DT Machine gun, the hull was armored with 15-45mm thick plates. Power was provided by two twin automotive engines with a combined 70 hp, therefore the noise of the tank was no louder than a normal truck. The T-70B tank was the second largest Soviet tank in WW Il. These vehicles came into service of most tank and mechanized units of the Red Army, went through the whole war and served until the Victory.


  • Length: 212mm
  • Over 200 parts
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