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ZVEZDA : 3673

1:35 T-62 Soviet MBT - Version 1974-1975 - ZVEZDA

1:35 T-62 Soviet MBT - Version 1974-1975 - ZVEZDA

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During 10 years of production about 20.000 T-62 tanks were built. Within this period the tank did not change much. All improvements were reduced mainly to the installation of modern equipment and armament. Due to a new threat in form of helicopters armed with anti-tank guided missiles in the early 1970s the anti-aircraft machine gunner was reinstalled on the T-62. For this purpose, the turret was modified by replacing the combat tilted loader’s hatch with a more spacious horizontal one with a turret and K-10T telescopic sight. This T-62 uses a 12.7 mm DShKM machine gun with a rate of 600 rounds per minute. The T-62 was used extensively in the conflicts in Afghanistan , Syria and the Gulf War.


  • Length: 267mm
  • Over 400 parts
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