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DRAGON : 6266

1:35 T-34/85 with Bedspring Armor - Premium Edition - DRAGON

1:35 T-34/85 with Bedspring Armor - Premium Edition - DRAGON

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The T-34 was the mainstay of the Soviet Red Army armoured forces throughout the war. Its general specifications remained nearly unchanged until early 1944, when it received a firepower upgrade with the introduction of the greatly improved T-34-85 variant. Its production method was continuously refined and rationalized to meet the needs of the Eastern Front, making the T-34 quicker and cheaper to produce. This variant with the "mattress spring" armor that was added to many T-34 turrets and hulls near the close of the war. This type of armor is often seen on photos of T-34/85s in such combat as the Battle for Berlin.


  • Magic Track included
  • Aluminium barrel with accurate rendered rifling
  • Two types of metal ammunition rounds
  • Photo etched mattress spring armour in exquisite details
  • Optional photo-etched sides and rear fuel tank brackets
  • Photo etched engine deck grills
  • Photo-etched parts for the air intake louvers
  • Optional spare-track tie downs
  • Optional for OT-34/85 Flam tank
  • Movable front MG assembly is newly designed
  • Metal tow cable
  • Road wheels with accurate details
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