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MINIART : 37085

1:35 T-34/85 Czechoslovak Prod. Early Type - MINIART

1:35 T-34/85 Czechoslovak Prod. Early Type - MINIART

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Czechoslovak-produced T-34-85s were used by Egypt in the Arab-Israeli Wars of 1956 and 1967 (Six-Day War) in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt went on to build the T-34-100, a local and unique conversion that was made up of a Soviet BS-3 100 mm heavy field-artillery gun mounted within a heavily modified turret, as well as the T-34-122 mounting the D-30 gun. In 1956, they were used as regular tanks to support Egyptian infantry, the tank was still in use by the Yom Kippur War in October 1973.


  • Highly detailed plastic model kit
  • All hatches can be posed open & closed
  • Individual tracks included
  • Clear plastic parts included
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Decal sheet for 6 options
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