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ZVEZDA : 3663

1:35 STZ-5 Soviet Tracked Tractor - ZVEZDA

1:35 STZ-5 Soviet Tracked Tractor - ZVEZDA

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Serial production of the artillery tractor STZ-5 (STZ-NATI-2TM) was launched in 1937 at Stalingrad Tractor Works (STZ). Its endurance was undoubted - it had made non-stop runs from Stalingrad to Moscow and back without breaking in 1935 and 1939. The STZ-5 was the most mass produced military tractor of Red Army. By the beginning of World War II 3438 tractors of this types were in service. Production of the vehicle continued during the war until German army attacked the Stalingrad Tractor Works in August 1942. In total, 9944 STZ-5 tractors were manufactured.


  • Length 118mm
  • Over 270 parts
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