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DRAGON : 6192

1:35 Sturmgeschütze Crew Reloading - Russia 1941 - DRAGON

1:35 Sturmgeschütze Crew Reloading - Russia 1941 - DRAGON

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This figure set features four highly detailed StuG crewmen that are designed to fit perfectly into any of StuG III kits. Four crew members in different poses reloading a StuG self-propelled gun; three of the crewmen are loading ammo rounds while the fourth is looking about. They are all wearing uniforms from of the early war period, the figures are actually designed to represent a crew fighting in Russia in the year 1941. They wear sweaters and the distinctive jackets and trousers that were worn by Sturmartillerie members.


  • There are two types of headgear included, both are M1936 and M1943 field caps, which allows the figures to be based on time periods between 1940 and 1945.
  • Two types of ammunition rounds - either the Sprgr.Patr. Kwk 34/L24 or the Sprgr.Patr. Kwk 34/L70 - that can be used in conjunction with the figures.
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