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1:35 Stratenwerth 16T Strabokran 1944/45 Production and Hanomag SS100 - TAKOM

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The Strabokran was a portable road SEN bo ck crane that of the tank repair units of the Wehrmacht in World War II was used. The JS Fries Sohn company in Frankfurt am Main developed the Strabokran before the war began. There were three variants, which differed in their load capacities from 15 to 16 tons and different years of construction. Around 100 units were built by the end of the war, some of them under license from the Stratenwerth company in Duisburg . It took ten soldiers about an hour to assemble the Strabo crane. Only workshop companies of the units equipped with Panther or Tiger had it. This Hanomag type SS 100 wheeled tractor is the Wehrmacht model of this type. These 100 HP wheeled tractors were mainly used by Luftwaffe units. Typical for the Wehrmacht model of the Hanomag type SS 100 wheeled tractor was the crew cab.


  • Can be built in operational or transportation mode
  • All wheels can rotate freely
  • Photo etched parts include
  • Seven types of markings