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1:35 Soviet T-34/85 Composite Turret 112 Plant Summer 1944 - MINIART

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The T-34 medium tank is one of the most-produced and longest-lived tanks of all time. Identification of T-34 variants can be complicated. Turret castings, superficial details, and equipment differed between factories; new features were added in the middle of production runs, or retrofitted to older tanks; damaged tanks were rebuilt, sometimes with the addition of newer-model equipment and even new turrets. 

Modification of the T-34 tank of 1944 was a new three-man gun composite turret allowed a more powerful 85-mm gun to be mounted.


  • Highly detailed model.
  • All hatches can be posed open or closed.
  • Individual tracks included.
  • Clear plastic parts included.
  • Photo-etched parts included.
  • Decal sheet for 7 options.