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MINIART : 37007

1:35 Soviet Medium Tank T-54-3 Mod. 1951 - Interior Kit - MINIART

1:35 Soviet Medium Tank T-54-3 Mod. 1951 - Interior Kit - MINIART

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The T-54/T-55 tank series is the most widely used tank in the world and has seen service in over 50 countries. It has also served as the platform for a wide variety of specialty armored vehicles. T-54-3 (Ob'yekt 137Sh) or T-54 Model 1951 - Produced 1952-1954, in Poland 1956–1964. Adopted the familiar, fully egg-shaped turret and new TSh-2-22 telescopic gunner's sight instead of the TSh-20. Also, early T-54's lacked a snorkel. The tank is also able to use its engine exhaust smoke system to create smokescreen by injecting vaporized diesel fuel onto the exhaust system. This feature was continued throughout the entire T-54/T-55 series and was used in the T-62 series.


  • Over 1040 parts
  • Photo etched Parts included
  • Decal Sheet For 7 Variants
  • Full-Colour Instruction
  • Fully Detailed Fighting Compartment
  • Fully Detailed Driver’s Compartment
  • Highly Detailed Interior Of Turret
  • Workable Torsion Bars
  • V-54 Engine Included
  • All Hatches Can Be Posed Open Or Closed
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