1:35 Soviet Medium Tank T-34/85 Model 1944 - ZVEZDA

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The Т-34/85 tank is considered to be the best medium tank of the Second World War. It distinguished itself from other tanks of same category with the optimal combination of main combat characteristics - firepower, protection and mobility, as well as high serviceability and technological design - which allowed a mass production during a very difficult time period for the Soviet Union. German tank commanders stated “The T-34 is vastly superior to all German tanks of first part of WW II” During World War II, the T-34/85 tank was produced at three factories. Zvezda kit is a model of the T- 34/85 tank with a 85 mm ZIS-C-53 gun manufactured at the plant No. 183 in the autumn of 1944. In total over 48000 T-34-85 tanks were manufactured.