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1:35 Soviet JS-5 Heavy Tank - TRUMPETER

1:35 Soviet JS-5 Heavy Tank - TRUMPETER

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The IS-5, is merely one of the many designations given to what would ultimately become the T-10 tank. The T-10 (also known as Object 730 or IS-8) was a Soviet heavy tank of the Cold War, the final development of the IS tank series. During development, it was called Object 730. It was accepted into production in 1953 as the IS-8 (Iosif Stalin, Russian form of Joseph Stalin), but due to the political climate in the wake of Stalin's death in 1953, it was renamed T-10.


  • Length: 279mm; Width: 101mm;
  • Over 530 parts
  • Multi-slide moulded lower hull and upper hull
  • 180 individual tracks links
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