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TAKOM : 2001

1:35 Soviet Heavy Tank OBJECT 279 - TAKOM

1:35 Soviet Heavy Tank OBJECT 279 - TAKOM

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The Apache is the U.S. Army’s main attack helicopter. By now, it’s still one of the top heavy attack helicopters in the world. The AH-64D Apache Longbow, which entered service in 1997, is famous for its Longbow fire control radar. Thanks to its outstanding performance and powerful firepower, the AH-64D Longbows have been operated by various countries like the U.S., Israel and Japan.


  • Has engraved panel lines and raised rivets.
  • The exterior features and details of the real aircraft are accurately reproduced.
  • The main rotor blades can be built in the unfolded or folded position.
  • Details like the dorsal air flow deflectors are represented by fine PE parts.
  • The cockpit and its interior equipment are precisely replicated.
  • The nose-mounted electro-optical equipment can pitch and rotate.
  • AGM-114 anti-tank missiles, M261 rocket launchers, FIM-92 air-to-air missiles and AN/AAQ24 Directional Infrared Countermeasures systems are included.
  • The engine is precisely replicated.
  • The avionics compartment interiors are accurately represented.
  • The machine gun can rotate as on the real helicopter.
  • Sagged wheels are included.
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