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MINIART : 40008

1:35 Soviet BALL Tank with INTERIOR and winter ski - MINIART

1:35 Soviet BALL Tank with INTERIOR and winter ski - MINIART

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The super-realistic Soviet Ball Tank "Sharotank", possibly based on the Kugelpanzer, that literally means "spherical tank" is a one-man tank built by Germany during World War II.  The idea of ​​a tank ball was popular during the First World War and in the interwar period. Tanks in the form of a sphere often appeared on the pages of popular technical journals both abroad and in our country. In Germany in 1917, the company Bremen Hansa-Lloyd Works made a hybrid between a ball tank and a tank wheel. After trials, the miracle machine was scrapped. But the sharotank of the Second World War (better known under the German name Kugelpanzer) even reached the front line, where it became a trophy. The functionality of the vehicle based on its exterior. It seems to be a one-man reconnaissance tank, equipped with an armoured outer wall and a viewing slot. The drive was probably located under or behind the driver. At the rear there is a steerable wheel to shift the center of gravity behind the axis of the two track wheels and to support rotary movements that are carried out with the track wheel. In stationary operation, the tank could probably serve as an armoured refuge or makeshift bunker. 


  • Length: 49 mm.
  • Highly detailed model.
  • Full interior.
  • Clear parts included.
  • All hatches can be posed open or closed.
  • Decal sheet for 6 variants included.
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