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MINIART : 35272

1:35 Soviet 2T 6x4 Truck & 76mm USV-BR Gun - MINIART

1:35 Soviet 2T 6x4 Truck & 76mm USV-BR Gun - MINIART

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The ZIS-6 is a Soviet general purpose 6×4 army cargo truck, a three-axle version of the ZIS-5 two-axle truck. It was built from 1933 until October 1941 at the Moscow factory and reached a total production of 21,239. The robust and reliable base was used for many different bodies, for example as a searchlight truck or mobile workshop. But is best known for its role as the first multiple rocket launcher in July 1941. It was built by the "Compressor" Plant's Design Office during World War II. Very few ZIS-6 trucks survive till today.


  • Contains models of the cargo truck and  76mm USV-BR field gun
  • Six ammo-boxes with shells
  • Two figures
  • “Overall” tracks
  • Decals sheet with 2 options for truck and 5 options for the gun
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