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1:35 Sd.Kfz. 164 NASHORN - AFV CLUB

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Nashorn (German for "rhinoceros"), initially known as Hornisse (German "hornet"), was a German Panzerjager ("tank hunter") of World War II. It was developed as an interim solution in 1942 by equipping a light turretless chassis based on the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks with the 88mm Pak 43 anti-tank gun. Though only lightly armoured and displaying a high profile, it could frontally penetrate any Allied tank at long range, and its relatively low cost and superior mobility to heavier vehicles ensured it remained in production until the war's end.


  • Suspensions are workable.
  • Precisely replicates road wheel axles.
  • Realistically recreated fighting compartment with armor plates in scaled thickness.
  • Highly detailed ammo storage.
  • Structure of Pak 43 is finely recreated.
  • Gun travel lock is realistically workable (with metal spring).
  • Chassis interior sections are same as the real vehicle.
  • Precision photo-etched parts are included.