1:35 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen Artilleriewagen - DRAGON

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Also abbreviated as "s.Sp.", is a series of rail cars featuring different turrets on the same type of car each with its own engine and MG 34 gun ports on each side of the hull. The armour is light, 7 to 20 millimeters. The speed is near the average of a tank, 40 km/h. Although if a single wagon has to push another wagon or a flatcar, it is very slow. Designed as heavy reconnaisance, being an armoured train also offered modularity as different wagons could be put together depending on the mission. Every wagon could also operate independently. It was developed in 1943 and put in service late 1944. It was to defend the vital railroads and supply trains behind the lines from partisans and other sabotage. Artilleriewagen - Armed with a 75mm L/24 Kwk 37 and coaxial MG 34