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TAMIYA : 35049

1:35 Russian T34/76 Tank 1942 Production Model - TAMIYA

1:35 Russian T34/76 Tank 1942 Production Model - TAMIYA

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Perhaps one of the finest armor designs of WWII, the T34/76 made a serious dent in the daunting Panzer units fielded by Germany, possessing as it did greater firepower, survivability and mobility than its German counterparts. Its gun was an L/41.2 76.2mm piece, while extensive sloped armor offered serious protection despite the lightweight nature of the tank. A top speed of 50km/h and range of 450km were realized using a diesel engine. Around 40,000 were produced and deployed in defense of the Soviet homeland, and this tank would become one of the symbols of the ultimately successful Allied struggle against Nazi Germany.


  • The compact form of the T34/76 and its sloped armor is accurately recreated, with depictions of rough armor surfaces.
  • Choose open or closed driver's hatch, which has reverse side detail.
  • Features a moving recreation of the turret and main gun.
  • Numerous accessories include spare wheel, log, blankets, fuel tanks and more.
  • Comes with two torso figures.
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