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1:35 Russian Light AA Gun Set - ZU-23-2, ZPU-1, ZPU-2, ZPU-4 - MENG

1:35 Russian Light AA Gun Set - ZU-23-2, ZPU-1, ZPU-2, ZPU-4 - MENG

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The ZPU-1, ZPU-2, ZPU-4 and ZU-23-2 light anti-aircraft guns were developed by the Soviet Union and are still in use. The 14.5mm ZPU AA guns entered service in the early 1950s. There are three variants on different gun carriages: single-barrel ZPU-1, twin-barrel ZPU-2 and quad-barrel ZPU-4. The Chinese built versions of the ZPU-2 and ZPU-4 are Type 58 AA gun and Type 56 AA gun, respectively. The 23mm twin-barrel ZU-23-2 AA gun was developed in the 1950s and equipped with Soviet army in the 1960s. The ZU-23-2 and the ZPU family AA guns greatly improved the low-altitude air defence capability of the Soviet/Russian ground forces. These four powerful weapons have a high rate of fire and play an important role in low-altitude air defines and suppressing light armored ground targets. Because of their light weight, easy operation and low cost, they are widely used by many armed forces as fire support weapons, especially in hot spots in Africa and the Arab world. They can also easily be fitted onto various platforms as a highly effective mobile fire support weapon.


  • Includes four Russian light air defense weapons: ZPU-1, ZPU-2, ZPU-4 and ZU-23-2.
  • The four light AA guns are precisely modeled.
  • Precision PE parts are included.
  • Two gun barrel options and two firing positions are provided for ZPU-1 AA gun.
  • ZPU-2/ZPU-4 AA guns can elevate and rotate freely.
  • Their gun sights and gun barrels can move together.
  • They can be built in the firing or travelling position.
  • Chinese Type 58/56 AA Gun options are available.
  • The ZU-23-2 AA gun can be built in one travelling position or three firing positions.
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