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1:35 Russian KrAZ-260B Tractor with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G Semitrailer - HOBBY BOSS

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The KrAZ-260 is an off-road truck 6x6 for extreme operations. KrAZ-260B tractor truck, used to tow a variety of semi-trailers. This tractor truck has a 6x4 drive configuration, a slightly longer wheelbase (4.88 m + 1.4 m) and an on-road load capacity of 16.8 t; it is used for long range logistic support duties, leaving the KrAZ-260 for forward area load carrying.


  • Length: 671mm Width: 100.4mm
  • Over 630 parts
  • Detailed multi-directional slide-molded cab.
  • Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
  • The tires are hollow rubber with authentic tread pattern and detailed wheel hubs.