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MENG : VS008

1:35 Russian GAZ 233115 Tiger-M SpN SPV - MENG

1:35 Russian GAZ 233115 Tiger-M SpN SPV - MENG

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The Russian GAZ 233115 “Tiger-M” SpN SPV is an upgraded version of the GAZ 233014 “Tiger” developed for the orders of Russian Ministry of Defense. It’s mainly provided to Russian special forces. It features a new YaMZ 5347-10 diesel engine, a new armored hood, air filter installation and smoke grenade launcher installation. Now, the “Tiger-M” is mass-produced and supplied to Russian Armed Forces.


  • Length: 165mm Width: 66mm
  • This kit includes the passenger compartment interiors.
  • All doors can be built open or closed.
  • The roof weapon mount is rotatable.
  • Clear light parts are provided.
  • Front wheels are steerable.
  • Fine PE parts are included.
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