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MENG : SS011

1:35 Russian BMR-3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle - MENG

1:35 Russian BMR-3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle - MENG

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Russian BMR-3M Armoured Mine Clearing Vehicle - The BMR-3M is a 50 ton class armoured mine clearing vehicle intended to clear different types of mines in support of mechanized units. This vehicle is based on the T-90 main battle tank chassis and is equipped with the Kontakt - 1 explosive reactive armour. A composite belly armour. This vehicle is equipped with the KMT-7 mine roller/plow with electromagnetic attachment to clear mines fitted with pressure activated fuses and mines with magnetic proximity fuses. It also has a multi-frequency interferometer to disable the mines with radio proximity fuses


  • Length: 308 mm, Width: 109 mm
  • Over1300 parts.
  • Clear lights, periscopes and optical equipment are included.
  • Movable suspension and workable tracks are provided.
  • All crew hatches are openable.
  • Precision PE parts are included.
  • Three paint schemes are provided. 
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