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AFV CLUB : 35235

1:35 Rommel's Mammoth DAK AEC Armored Command Car - AFV CLUB

1:35 Rommel's Mammoth DAK AEC Armored Command Car - AFV CLUB

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AEC Armoured Command Vehicle was a series of command vehicles built by the British Associated Equipment Company (AEC) during the Second World War. During the Second World War, the United Kingdom was the only country to develop and widely employ purpose-built armoured command vehicles. Those were essentially armoured buses based on truck chassis.


  • Precisely replicated details of compartment interior.
  • Accurately reproduced chassis and suspension system are based on through study of actual vehicle.
  • Sunroof hatches can be built opened or closed, or museum display model with glass.
  • Rubber made 50.12 inches British off-road tyres.
  • German enigma machine , wireless set and high quality British map included.
  • 3 kind of decals for German Africa corps (MAX, MORITZ and 5th Light Division) are included.
  • Canvas shelter can be modeled stretched or in storage.
  • Precision Photo-etched parts included.
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