1:35 Romanian TACAM T-60 76-mm SPG Interior Kit - MINIART

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The TACAM T-60 (Tun Anticar pe Afet Mobil T-60 - "Anti-tank cannon on mobile gun carrige T-60") was a Romanian tank destroyer used during World War II. It was built by removing the turret of captured Soviet T-60 light tanks and building a pedestal to mount a captured Soviet 76.2 mm M-1936 F-22 field gun in its place. A three-sided fighting compartment was built to protect the gun and its crew. Thirty-four were built in 1943, and they served in the Jassy-Kishniev Offensive, and the Budapest Offensive.


  • Driver compartment interior accurately represented.
  • Separated tracks.
  • All hatches can be posed open or closed.
  • Engine included.
  • Photoetcheed parts included.
  • Decals sheet included.
  • Full ammunition.
  • Three variants of painting and marking.