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ACADEMY : 13419

1:35 ROK Army K1A2 MBT - ACADEMY

1:35 ROK Army K1A2 MBT - ACADEMY

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The K1 is a South Korean main battle tank in use with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, developed by Hyundai Precision . The vehicle's early design work was based on Chrysler's XM1, with some noticeable differences including a combined system of hydropneumatics suspension and torsion bars, and a river-crossing forging kit, to meet the required operational capability that was specific to combat operations in the mountainous and swampy terrain of the Korean Peninsula. The K1A1 entered service in 1999, upgraded with a 120 mm smoothbore gun, and outfitted with more modern electronics, ballistic computers, and fire control systems developed by Samsung Electronics. Hyundai produced 1,511 K1 and K1A1 tanks between 1985 and 2010.


  • Length: 276mm, Hight: 86mm
  • Current version of ROK Army main battle tank K1A1
  • Precisely engraved 120mm main gun
  • Can be assembled with open or closed hatches
  • Two tank crew figures are included
  • Polarized light sticker included
  • Connected tracks included
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