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AFV CLUB : 35337

1:35 ROCA M110A2 Howitzer - AFV CLUB

1:35 ROCA M110A2 Howitzer - AFV CLUB

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The 8 inch (203 mm) M110 self-propelled howitzer is an American self-propelled artillery system consisting of an M115 203 mm howitzer installed on a purpose-built chassis. Before its retirement from US service, it was the largest available self-propelled howitzer in the United States Army's inventory; it continues in service with the armed forces of other countries, to which it was exported. Missions include general support, counter-battery fire, and suppression of enemy air defense systems.


  • New tooling injection plastic A2 version barrel.
  • Including T65K2 and T91 automatic rifles
  • 8 types of ROCA markings are available.
  • A simple driver's station interior included. Driver's hatch can be displayed as open or closed.
  • Movable‘Loader and Rammer’feed tray and traversable elevation arm in superb details.
  • Superbly detailed recoil spade and hydraulic system, fully workable.
  • Fully functional replication of the 8 inch howitzer with full details.
  • Interior detail.
  • Can be used with kit AF35017.
  • Adjustable elevation angle for the 203mm howitzer.
  • Precision injection breechblock accurately replicated.
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