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ACADEMY : 13560

1:35 Polish Land Forces K2GF - ACADEMY

1:35 Polish Land Forces K2GF - ACADEMY

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K2 Black Panther is a South Korean main battle tank, designed by the Agency for Defense Development and manufactured by Hyundai Rotem. The tank's design began in the 1990s to meet the strategic requirements of the Republic of Korea Army's reform for three-dimensional, high-speed manoeuvre warfare based on use of network-centric warfare.

K2PL: Proposed licensed version of K2 for the Polish Armed Forces it retains most of the K2's features, such as the CN08 120 mm gun barrel, bustle type autoloader, pulse-doppler radar and In-arm suspension unit (ISU), 6 road wheels, but it differs from the original version, among others: Trophy hard-kill APS, composite add-on armor, a 12.7mm CROWS, and add-on explosive reactive armor , ammunition storage isolated from the crew, additional armor of the turret and hull by adding detachable panels of layered armor, and in the case of the drive compartment, a mesh and bar armor, designed to protect against HEAT projectiles. Under the framework agreement between PGZ and Hyundai Rotem on the supply of K2 and K2PL, 820 K2PLs will be produced in Poland under license from 2026.


  • Length: 308mm; Height: 97mm
  • Polish Land Force main battle tank
  • Assemble with hatch open or closed
  • Equipped with L/55 120mm CN-08 main gun and 12.7mm K-6 HMG
  • Flexible rubber tracks
  • Photo-etched parts and Polarizing film sheet are include
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