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DRAGON : 6258

1:35 Panzerjager I 4.7cm PaK(t) - Early Production - DRAGON

1:35 Panzerjager I 4.7cm PaK(t) - Early Production - DRAGON

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When WWII broke out in 1939, Germany relied heavily on the 3.7cm PaK 36 antitank gun. However, this puny weapon was no match for armored vehicles like the French Char B1 or British Matilda II. One solution was to mount the more powerful Skoda 4.7cm PaK(t) gun on the chassis of the Panzer I Ausf.B. This had a double advantage V a more capable antitank weapon was created, and it permitted an extended use of obsolete Panzer I tank chassis. Called the Panzerjager I, this new vehicle was Germanys first of many tank destroyer designs. Between March 1940 and February 1941, 202 such Panzerjager I vehicles were converted in time for service in the Battle of France, in North Africa, and in the invasion of Russia. By the end of 1943, the Panzerjager I had been phased out. The Skoda 4.7cm PaK(t) gun was mounted in an open-topped Panzer I fighting compartment with its original gun shield still affixed.


  • Newly tooled multi-piece upper hull and engine deck for authentic details
  • Newly tooled one-piece fighting-compartment armor made by 3-directional slide-molds
  • "Ultra-Slim" injection-molded armor plate
  • New fighting-compartment interior with photo-etched parts
  • Easy-to-assemble upper hull
  • Engine deck exquisitely detailed
  • Engine hatches can be assembled open/closed
  • Realistic ammo box, gasmask container, radio and first-aid kit included
  • Photo-etched engine deck stowage bracket
  • Delicate ammo boxes with finely detailed crewman's seat
  • Realistically reproduced brake cooling pipe with fine detail
  • Upper hull view port can be assembled open/closed
  • Driver's vision port can be displayed open/closed
  • Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail
  • Side fenders with detailed tread pattern
  • MG bracket finely represented by photo-etched parts
  • Muzzle brake reproduced by slide molds
  • Delicate 4.7cm PaK(t) reproduced
  • Gun breech and recoil guard fully reproduced
  • Fully detailed gun with breech assembly
  • Gun sight in fine detail
  • Realistic elevation mechanism allows gun to elevate
  • Gun shield comes with bolt detail
  • PaK(t) gun carriage accurately represents the real one
  • Driver's compartment interior includes details such as instrument panel, transmission, battery and driver's seat
  • Ammo box including ammunition rounds can be shown open/closed
  • OVM with molded-on clasps
  • Hollowed exhaust pipe with photo-etched exhaust cover
  • Coil spring suspension has fine detail
  • Intricate idler wheels accurately reproduced
  • Realistically reproduced road wheels with photo-etched rings
  • Highly detailed suspension system
  • Magic Tracks in great detail
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