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1:35 Mil Mi-8MT / Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopter - TRUMPETER

1:35 Mil Mi-8MT / Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopter - TRUMPETER

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Mi-17, entered service in 1975, is the highly improved Mi-8, with more powerful engines for 'hot and high' conditions. NATO calls it "HIP H". The USSR armed forces called it Mi-8MT. It first showed off in Paris Air show in 1981, and exported to Cuba in 1983. In fact many Mi-8MT in USSR forces are not brand new but converted from former Mi-8s. Such as the Mi-8 electronic countermine version is developed into Mi-17P. The Mi-17 can be recognized because it has the tail rotor at the starboard side, instead of the port side. The Mi-17 added a number of improvements to its predecessor, including a vibration damper to increase comfort for crewmembers and passengers. The helicopter features a high thrust-to-weight ratio pair of TVZ-117MT or TVZ-117VM shaft-turbine engines with a takeoff power of 1,900 hp. The Mi-17 can carry up to 30 troops and up to 20 wounded; it can also be used for in-flight unloading of special cargoes. The transport version of the MI-17 helicopter is intended to carry cargoes (loads) in the cargo compartment, including long-size cargo with partially- opened or removed cargo doors, external loads, or executives (up to 24 persons). Interior seats are removable for cargo carrying. The rear clamshell doors open, an internal winch facilitates loading of heavy freight. Floor has tie down rings throughout. The aircraft carries a rescue hoist capable to 150 kg. External stores are mounted on weapons racks on each side of the fuselage. The Mi-17 has six external hard points. The Mi-17 is provided with missiles, bombs, small arms and cannons.


  • Main rotor diameter: 609 mm,
  • Overall length, rotors turning: 721mm
  • Over 260 parts
  • Photo Etched Parts for rain sweeper and seatbelts
  • Film Parts for Instrument part
  • 3 Paint Schemes for Mi-8MT / Mi-17 Czech / Russian / Slovakia
  • Fully detailed double engine.
  • Highly detailed cockpit and cargo cabin.
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