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MENG : VS012

1:35 MB Military Vehicle WASP Flamethrower Jeep - MENG

1:35 MB Military Vehicle WASP Flamethrower Jeep - MENG

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The MB Military Vehicle, is such a famous and important vehicle that you must have a large collection of it. But is your collection interesting enough? The British army was especially good at special operations in World War II. There was a British army called the "Popski's Private Army". Their flexible and bold operations gained many victories. They modified their main vehicle MB Military Vehicle and carried out operations behind the German lines. Those modified MB Military Vehicles were like weapons shops with various guns. The solders even try to fir the Wasp flame thrower which was used in armored vehicles on the MB Military Vehicle to kill the enemy with blazing flames.

The VS-012 MB Military Vehicle Wasp flamethrower model kit includes engine interior, clear lights and windshield and a soft vinyl pipe. The model is 98.7mm in length and 51.1mm in width.

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