1:35 MB Military Vehicle Jeep - MENG

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The US military was very satisfied with the performance of the MB military vehicle. The simple and reliable structure of MB military vehicles could meet the various needs of the military, from reconnaissance, communication, rescue to airborne operations. Allied soldiers used their skills to made various interesting battlefield modifications to this vehicle. The modified vehicles included the ones running on railway and special operation vehicles equipped with flamethrowers. From the start of the project in 1940 to the end of production in 1945, a total of more than 640,000 vehicles were produced. Almost every Allied unit was equipped with this reliable light vehicle. The classic shape of two round lights and vertical radiator grille of the MB military vehicle gained popularity with the victory of the Allied forces. This directly created Jeep, the most famous civilian off-road vehicle brand.

This latest MENG VS-011 MB Military Vehicle model is 95.6mm long and 55.2mm wide. This kit includes the M2 and the M1919A4 machine guns and the Go-Devil 441 engine.