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AFV CLUB : 35230

1:35 M60A2 Patton Main Battle Tank - Late Version - AFV CLUB

1:35 M60A2 Patton Main Battle Tank - Late Version - AFV CLUB

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The M60 is an American second-generation main battle tank (MBT). It was officially standardized as the Tank, Combat, Full Tracked: 105-mm Gun, M60 in March 1959. The M60A2 featured a unique low profile turret, mounting the M162 Gun/Launcher that drastically reduced the turret's frontal arc in comparison to the A1's. It consisted of a large disk with a narrow channel in the center with each crew member in the turret having their own hatch. The gunner and loader were located to the right and left of the gun, respectively, and the commander was in a turret basket up and behind the main gun.


  • New tooling turret parts
  • Highly detailed driver compartment interior
  • Chassis and suspension system are replicated accordingly to research of real vehicle
  • Lifelike cast texture and welding lines
  • Fine hatch covers of the engine compartment and commander's cupola capable to build opened
  • AN/VSS-1 search light with fine details
  • Transparent periscope lens
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Closed-Breech Scavenging system include
  • Comes with steel rods wheels for M60A2 late version
  • Comes with M162 rifled metal gun barrel
  • Rubber made gun mantlet canvas cover included
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