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AFV CLUB : 35300

1:35 M54A2 5-ton 6x6 Cargo Truck - AFV CLUB

1:35 M54A2 5-ton 6x6 Cargo Truck - AFV CLUB

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During WWII, the United States had both 4- and 6-ton class tactical transports for towing the 155mm howitzer and 90mm cannons. In order to simplify logistics the US Army wanted to replace both with a new 5-ton six-wheeled platform prior to the end of the war. To that end it issued a specification for a new 5-ton tactical transport capable of carrying 25 personnel including the driver. A conservative design by International Harvester designated M39 won the bid. The M39 was a six-wheeled platform that shared it’s gasoline engine and other components with the M35 2.5 ton transport. Later on in development it was re-designated the M54 with the addition of two more wheels per rear axle.

With the M54 chassis established as the basic platform other related variants were developed. In 1962 came the M54A1, in which a diesel engine replaced the gasoline-powered engine solving its power deficiencies. In 1963, further development of a multi-fuel powered version culminated in the M54A2, which went into production and entered service in Viet Nam. During its tenure in the conflict, the M54 became the backbone of logistics for both the US Army and US Marine Corps. Until de-mobilized M113 armored troop carriers were utilized, machine guns and armor plating were added to the M54A2 for convoy defense.


  • Front wheel adjustable steering.
  • Precisely replicates details of cabin interior.
  • Highly detailed transmission system.
  • Bucket seats can choose spread out or not.
  • Cargo bucket cloth can choose install or not.
  • Accurately reproduced chassis and suspension systems are based on thorough study of actual vehicle.
  • Precision photo-etched parts are include
  • Plastic injection molding tires.
  • Three types decal for Vietnam war.
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