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AFV CLUB : 35007

1:35 M49A2C Fuel Tanker - AFV CLUB

1:35 M49A2C Fuel Tanker - AFV CLUB

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The M49 fuel tanker and M50 water tanker variants were initially based on the M44 chassis. The M49C series, however, were vehicles converted from C series drop-side cargo variants. M49s have 1,200-gallon tanks. Early models had triple compartments (200g front, 400g mid, baffled 600g rear), but most models have two 600-gallon baffled tanks. The M50 had a 1,000-U.S.-gallon water tank, of which later variants had internal baffles to combat weight transfer during motion. In some areas the M35 is still used today as a wildland firefighting truck with a portable water supply and fully operational pump.


  • Front wheels are steerable
  • Precisely replicated details
  • Includes realistic rubber tyres
  • Includes realistic rubber pipes
  • Photo etched parts included
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