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TAKOM : 2161

1:35 M48A5 - TAKOM

1:35 M48A5 - TAKOM

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The last major US upgrade of the M48 tank series was the M48A5. This conversion upgrade was applied to M48A3 versions still in service with Army National Guard units in order to maintain the training levels of Guard units as well as using a commonality in ammunition amongst tanks. The upgrade featured the mounting of the M68 105mm gun carried in the M116 mount and the all-metric measurement M16 fire control system. The hull was upgraded by applying the M60A1 RISE Hull PIP Update Kit and incorporated as many of the components as possible.


  • All hatches can be built in open or closed position
  • Suspension and road wheels movable
  • Four types of markings
  • Workable tracks
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