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DRAGON : 3559

1:35 M48A1 - DRAGON

1:35 M48A1 - DRAGON

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M48A1 was considered an even match for its Soviet counterpart, the T-54 and fielded to combat units in Europe. On 25 October 1954, the Army decided to amend its designation of the M48 tank. Thereafter, the tanks with the original Mod A hull design and the Chrysler-designed M1 remote-control machine gun mount attached to the tank commander's pop-up hatch would remain the 90mm gun tank M48. However, all those tanks with the Mod B hull (some production M48A1 tanks had the Mod B turret) and fitted with the new small turreted M1 cupola armed with a .50 caliber M2HB machine gun would be designated as the 90mm gun tank M48A1. M48A1 tanks with 5 return rollers and the Mod B driver's hatch were modified to the M48A2 hull configuration. The hull's armor framing for the engine compartment was modified. In addition detachable headlights, armored boxes around the taillights, newly redesigned mudguards, an updated fuel delivery system and a tank infantry phone were added.


  • Newly designed M48A1 reproduced with authentic detail
  • Intricate and full detail on fenders
  • Rear hull and engine deck produced with excellent level of detail.
  • Engine deck and grills produced with stunning detail.
  • 3-directional slide-molded well-defined detail on turret produced as single piece
  • Photo-etched frame for on-board tools and parts to represent tool mounts and brackets
  • Separate parts allow commander’s hatch to be assembled open or closed
  • True-to-scale turret stowage basket provided
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