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1:35 M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System US - TRUMPETER

1:35 M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System US - TRUMPETER

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M270 MLRS(M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System, often abbreviated as M270 MLRS) is a feature armored self-propelled multiple rocket launcher weapon system. Since 1983, the U.S. military first used the M270 rocket launchers, NATO member states have begun to adopt a number of M270, and gradually become NATO standard weapons. After the United States and European countries produced a total of approximately 1,300 units of M270 and about 700,000 branch rocket. When in 2003, after delivery of the last batch of the Egyptian Army M270, M270 officially discontinued.


  • Length: 201mm Width: 90mm
  • Over 970 parts
  • Detailed multi-directional slide-molded cab.
  • Multi-slide moulded lower hull
  • Photo-etched parts included
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