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TAKOM : 2139

1:35 M103A1 - TAKOM

1:35 M103A1 - TAKOM

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America's last heavy tank, a large-turreted tracked platform for the long-range 120mm cannon developed during the Cold War. Derived from the late WW2 T29/T34 heavy tank, type T43E1 built in 1953/54 was modified in 1956/57 to serve with the US Army in overwatch role redesignated M103. Upgraded type M103A1 was preferred by the US Marine Corps for infantry support in amphibious campaigns. The Army received M103A1s on loan from USMC and retired the base M103 in favour of the M60. M103A1 remained with USMC until the early 1970s when they too were replaced by the M60.


  • Length: 320mm.
  • Metal barrel included.
  • Hatches can be fitted opened or closed.
  • Moveable suspension and road wheels, workable tracks.
  • Choice of 6 markings. 
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