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1:35 M1 Panther II Mineclearing Tank - TRUMPETER

1:35 M1 Panther II Mineclearing Tank - TRUMPETER

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The M1 Abrams Panther is an M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank specially modified for mine clearing missions. Modifications to the Abrams tank include the removal of the turret, and installation of mine rollers on the front of the vehicle. Rollers attached to the front of the vehicle explode landmines without causing damage to the vehicle. Weighing 43 tons, the Panther II can clear a 5,000 sq/m area within an hour. Plow and roller kit attachments push mines out of the way when clearing roads without damaging the vehicle. The two Panther II vehicles in the 130th Engineer Brigade's arsenal are one-third of the Army's total stock. Two have been used since 1999 for mine-clearing missions in Bosnia and two more are on route to Kosovo.


  • Length: 312mm, Width: 127mm
  • Over 500 parts
  • Chin metal parts included
  • Equipped with MCB and MCR kit.
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