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AFV CLUB : 35141

1:35 LVTH6A1 Fire Support Vehicle Cannon Teal - AFV CLUB

1:35 LVTH6A1 Fire Support Vehicle Cannon Teal - AFV CLUB

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The LVTP-5 (Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Personnel 5) is a family of amphibious armored fighting vehicles used by the Philippine Marine Corps and formerly, the United States Marine Corps. It was designed by the BorgWarner company and built by FMC (Food Machinery Corporation) along with a few other companies. It was first accepted into service in 1956. Some 1,124 basic units were produced, plus the specialist variants, and many saw action in the Vietnam War. LVTH-6 (Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Howitzer) - fire support variant armed with M49 105 mm howitzer. 210 units built.


  • Brand new H-6 turret.
  • Brand new metal 105mm howitzer barrel.
  • ROCMC dedicated smoke grenade launchers.
  • Psychological warfare loudspeaker system.
  • ROCMC dedicated lifebuoy.
  • Decal containing USMC, ROCMC, PMC.
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