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1:35 Light Armored Multipurpose Transport Vehicle GT-MU - TRUMPETER

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GT-MU is the name of an all-terrain, lightly armored and floatable caterpillar vehicle developed in the former Soviet Union . The vehicle developed in the Gorkowski Avtomobilny Sawod is a further development of the GT-SM . The vehicle is primarily used in the airborne troops as a transport tank and carrier for special vehicles. The GT-MU was derived from the unarmored GT-SM developed in the 1960s at the Gorki automobile plant. The reason was the need for a small, light, but armored and all-terrain transport vehicle for the airborne troops. The basic construction was adopted, but the hull was welded from armored steel. Series production began in 1971 in Zavolzhye.


  • Length: 147.1mm Width: 72.6mm
  • Over 370 parts
  • Multi-slide moulded upper and lower hull
  • 160 individual tracks links
  • Photo-etched parts included