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The development of the Type 89 Infantry Combat Vehicle, the ICV of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, started in 1980. In 1984 two prototypes were manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and the JGSDF officially adopted the Type 89  ICV in 1988. It's main armament are the Elikon KDE 35mm machine gun along with a 7.62mm machine gun fitted to its turret. On ether side it is equipped with launcher for anti tank  guided missiles. The Type 89 ICV displays its great firepower against fighting tanks, using its missiles which have a range of up to 4 km. It also features 6 spherical portholes on both sides and at the rear of its hull, making it possible for soldiers to fire from inside the vehicle. Although this vehicle was criticized for its great expense as well as its defence of the worldwide trend of abolishing portholes, it is superior in performance in comparation to any existing ICV in any armies of the world of its time.


  • Length: 193 mm, Width: 92mm
  • Over 400 parts
  • Four figures included
  • Decal markings for JGSDF